Spirit Baby Tarot Holiday Set
Spirit Baby Tarot Holiday Set
Spirit Baby Tarot Holiday Set

Spirit Baby Tarot Holiday Set

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This set includes Spirit Baby Tarot and an Aqua Aura Quartz necklace. Please select a tarot bag colour in the drop down menu. 


Spirit Baby Tarot

Spirit Baby Tarot is the first tarot deck created for Spirit Baby communication. Spirit Baby Tarot is racially diverse, queer friendly, and it's a great beginner tarot deck. 

Spirit Baby Tarot features:

  • 80 cards
  • original artwork
  • a guidebook 
  • a custom box
  • a handmade tarot bag (please choose your tarot bag in the drop down option)

Watch the unboxing of Spirit Baby Tarot here.

Aqua Aura Quartz

The Spirit Babies have said the Aqua Aura Quartz is the 'key' to opening and strengthening the communication between the Spirit Baby Realm and our 3D world. Wearing the necklace can cleanse your aura in preparation for Spirit Baby communication, as well as help you call in your Spirit Baby. You can also use the necklace as a pendulum if guided to do so. I recommend infusing the necklace with your energy prior to using it as a pendulum; this will make it easier for your Spirit Baby to connect with your pendulum and use it. You can infuse the necklace by holding it and thinking of your Spirit Baby or by praying/ meditating.

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