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Spirit Baby Tarot Lesson

Spirit Baby Tarot Lesson

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Thank you for purchasing Spirit Baby Tarot!

I am offering tarot lessons specifically for this deck. This lesson will be 45 minutes and will take place over Zoom. It will also be recorded and you will be emailed a PRIVATE YouTube link to re-watch the lesson.

Topics we may discuss during the lesson:

  • A breakdown of tarot (Major Arcana, Minor Arcana)
  • I will help you discover your tarot reading style (for tarot beginners)
  • You get to practice communicating with your Spirit Baby during the session (with my assistance, if needed)
  • You may ask any questions or concerns throughout the lesson

*All lessons will be scheduled once you have received your deck.*

Please take a few days to look through the deck and connect with the artwork before emailing me to schedule your lesson. Once we have agreed on a time/date, I will email you a Zoom invitation. I recommend writing down any questions you may have prior to the lesson, and please come prepared with your deck, water, and a notepad. Make sure you are sitting in a comfortable position and in a location where you will not be disturbed.

I look forward to our lesson! 

Please note: All items are final sale. The Oracle's Light is unable to accept returns and does not issue refunds.

*Note: Feel free to book another lesson if you need a refresher or have any questions regarding Spirit Baby communication.