Twin Flame Testimonials

Serena S.~ PA, USA

My twin flame energy reading was amazing! I cannot believe how much it resonated with my situation. Emily provided me with confirmation in many areas of my twin flame connection, which gave me much peace of mind and even brought tears of relief and happiness to my eyes. Emily brought me clarity with regard to things I knew in my heart, but were masked by fear and ego. She has helped me to have confidence in what is in my heart. I also learned much about my DM, myself, and our connection. I am beyond excited and hopeful for the future of my TF journey and I can’t thank Emily enough! Love and light.

Arlene P.~ NY, USA

The reading was extremely accurate and brought much needed clarity. It showed me I need to trust in the divine, my intuition, and my spirit babies. Emily’s reading really picked up on the current energy between my DM and myself. She picked up on my doubts and insecurities showing me what I need to heal. And she felt the love that my DM has for me which made my day even better. I have reached a new sense of calmness and anticipation for my future after the reading. Thank you so much for my wonderful reading.

Grace W.~ OH, USA

This reading with Emily was absolutely awesome. So thorough and it really resonated with things I’ve been feeling already... things I didn’t tell her. She took so much time to do the reading and write it out beautifully. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to come back when it all works out!

Jo~ Switzerland 

I follow Emily on instagram and love how she channels those cheeky SB's. Even if the messages are sometimes rough or might not be what you want to hear, she always has such a positive way of emphasizing what you have, what is there, instead of what is missing. I noticed she is one of the few readers that I really look forward to reading. So when I saw she did a discounted deal, I didn't hesitate to try out a personal reading. She was very mindful of using the right genders, as me and my DM are both women, which I am usually not concerned about since it is not about gender but about energy, still it made me feel even more understood. It made it so personal. Her reading was very beautiful, of course 5D hasn't aligned with 3D yet, but I cannot wait and in the meantime I am taking spirits advice and focusing on me. I feel Emily will tell you the truth, not sugarcoat it, but at the same time tries to come from a space of positivity. She sends you a pdf file with the explanation and pic of the cards and I must say sometimes when my SB is working its magic again, I tend to reread parts of it and see the syncs. Emily even did respond on some questions I had afterwards which I am super thankful for. To make the time and respond, with the energy that is invested in it - is not something I take for granted. I am definitely planning on doing this on a regular basis.

Hannah M.~ CA, USA

Emily's twin flame reading was Outstanding! It gave me the validation/confirmation of what my intuition/heart have been saying all along but doubted myself and the connection.  So grateful for this insight as well as areas that needed to be healed to move forward into union with my flame. Emily's reading was very thorough and full of love. Highly recommend her twin flame reading!!!!

Yvette Z.~ TX, USA

My heart was so happy with my Twin Flame Reading. I love how Emily prepares the reading and love the way her beautiful energy comes through. The reading gave me such a calm and warm feeling. I really needed it! Anyone on this Twin Flame journey knows how frustrating it can get at times. If you need that validation or even if you are not clear about things, this reading will help. I highly recommend getting a Twin Flame Reading!