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Spirit Baby Testimonials

Malini R.~ NY, USA

My Spirit Baby reading was incredible. Emily was on point with everything, even a surprise. I really prayed about reaching out to Emily for this reading and I'm so happy I did. Emily confirmed a lot of things that was presently going on in my life. And she acknowledged a lot of other things I never asked for but told me. I'm so happy I asked for this reading. It set my mind at ease. Thank you Emily for everything.

Julie C.~ NY, USA

I first heard of Spirit Babies when I stumbled (or was guided rather!) upon Emily’s Instagram page. The general reading that day was actually a Spirit Baby reading and through the course of that same day I had heard the term ‘spirit baby’ three more times! I knew something was up so I ordered a Spirit baby reading from her. There are no words to describe how amazing it was, it answered so many questions I had and Emily (and my babies) picked up on current things in my life. What I loved was she didn’t need any information from me whatsoever and she was amazingly accurate. Do yourself a favor and book a reading with her! I can’t wait to book another!

Carley H.~ CA, USA

I ordered a SB Reading with Emily. As I read it, I could literally feel Emily’s exuberant energy pour through every word she wrote. It was playful, yet informative. The SB were able to confirm some questions I had, while also sharing some unexpected news. I reread the reading several times and it filled me with great joy and lots of smiles. I am very much looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds. I’m grateful for Emily’s gift and the time she took to do this for me.

Ljubica B.~ Australia 

I've been following Emily's Spirit Baby posts for a while now and have always found them relatable, straight forward and absolutely adorable! She has a knack for relaying information in a concise way and I find that the messages that come across are answers to questions that I am asking consciously and subconsciously so...the right message reaches me at the right time! Thank you Emily & Spirit Babies!

Yvette Z.~ TX, USA

I first learned about Spirit Babies when I stumbled upon The Oracle's Light Instagram page and was super excited when the SB reading became available. I also felt as if my SB was guiding me there. My SB shined the light on things I had been thinking and keeping to myself in order to help release those things. This has drawn me closer to my SB. I highly recommend this reading to anyone ready to communicate with their future child(s). SB are here to help us transform and make us better. You will feel the love come through this reading. Thank you so much again for helping me communicate with my SB.

Emily H.~ Australia 

Working with Emily was a really uplifting experience and gave me a lot of joy and optimism, as well as reassurance. Emily has a very warming energy, which comes through the readings and she’s very empathetic and funny too. It’s no doubt she’s the mother to Spirit Babies. I’ve read my reading over and over with a smile on my face!

Michelle J.~ SC, USA

I received a Spirit Baby reading from The Oracles Light and it resonated a lot. It also put my heart and soul at ease with the information that Emily told me and being able to answer the biggest question that I had for my SB. Knowing that our SB is ready for us whenever we are and loves us is a giant relief knowing all the trials that we've gone through as Twin Flames. I would definitely recommend The Oracle's Light and the SB reading.

Chanelle F.~ Australia

If you are drawn to a reading from The Oracle's Light -trust your intuition! It’s for a good reason and so worth it. I purchased a Spirit Baby reading - the messages from the reading gave me so much comfort, joy and also some tears that really needed to come up for release and healing. This has truly been a wonderful Mother’s Day gift and a very significant act towards self love that I sought to give myself through The Oracle’s light - For that i am forever grateful. I would not hesitate to purchase another reading the next time I feel guided to.

Nicole B.~ Switzerland

I have ordered a Spirit Baby reading and it's literally one of the most beautiful gifts I have ever received. The reading touched me so deeply that I literally cried happy tears ( true tears) at every single statement Emily channelled. If you are also a person that can feel the soul of your future baby and wonder whether this is just wishful thinking or whether your spirit baby indeed exists, then I can highly recommend ordering this reading... Every message from my beloved son resonated so deeply.  Emily's reading made me trust my intuition and let go of my fears and doubts. I can't thank you enough, Emily. You are an angel.

Elise C.~ OH, USA

I ordered a Spirit Baby reading after I learned what Spirit Babies are and felt the presence of my own SB. Emily was able to confirm some things that I had sensed intuitively, and shed some light in areas I could not see. The reading was so beautiful and offered helpful guidance. I am so happy I found The Oracle's Light!

Ravneet P.~ United Kingdom

I am so happy that I booked a Spirit Baby Reading with Emily. I was a little nervous but once I read the reading she told me many confirmations which were amazing. The reading was to the point with enough detailed information that I needed to hear. She really is truly talented and gifted with what she does and love how she managed to get so in touch with my SBs and bring the messages forward. Thank You <3