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Spirit Babies FAQ

Who are Spirit Babies?

Spirit Babies are souls that are ready to be reborn and start a new life. Usually they have a past life connection to their future parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, siblings/cousins and friends. These souls might have also helped you in a previous life, or you might have helped them, and they now want to repay your kindness by returning to you in some way during this life. There are also instances where deceased loved ones return to you as a Spirit Baby and they might help you make this connection before they are born by communicating with you in your dreams.

Where do Spirit Babies come from?

When a soul is ready to be reborn they enter the Spirit Baby Realm where they spend a lot of time looking back on their past lives and lessons. During this period, the Spirit Baby uses their past life experiences to help them create a new life path and soul contract with future friends/family members. A Spirit Baby will take this time to figure out their soul purpose for their future life, along with the hobbies they want to be a part of and the interests they want to pursue. When a Spirit Baby has completed their life plan, they prepare to be conceived in divine timing by their chosen biological parents. This does not necessarily mean that these parents will be the people that raise them (please look at Does my Spirit Baby belong to me and someone else specifically for clarification). 

Can my Spirit Baby talk to a deceased loved one?

Yes and no. The Spirit Realm and the Spirit Baby Realm are connected but communication between the two is tricky. I like to think of life after death as an amusement park: you have people on the Roller coaster of Life (these are people who are currently living life), people getting off the roller coaster (the recently deceased), the people walking around the park eating churros (these are souls that are not yet ready to be reborn), the people waiting in line (the Spirit Babies). It's possible for a deceased loved one to talk to your future Spirit Baby before they enter the line, however, if your SB is already in line then they most likely cannot speak to your loved one.

Does everyone have a Spirit Baby?

 Yes and no. If you feel like you want to become a parent, then you definitely have a Spirit Baby with you. If you don’t want kids but babies love you or people tell you you’d be a great parent, odds are you have a Spirit Baby (but this doesn’t mean this child has to be yours. They can be a family member’s child or someone you’re meant to meet in the future). If you feel like you don’t have a Spirit Baby, then you probably don’t. However, if you want a Spirit Baby all you have to do is connect to the Spirit Baby Realm through meditation and make a proposal. You can say something along the lines of “I would like to become a parent during this life and I’m searching for a child who needs a family” and a Spirit Baby will approach you if they think you’ll be a good fit. There are many Spirit Babies that aren’t tied to specific parents, so there is never a lack of future children. 

Does my Spirit Baby belong to me and someone else specifically?

Spirit Babies always know who their parents will be but sometimes they decide to have different biological and “nurturing” parents. For example, my Spirit Babies want me and my partner to be their parents (both biological and nurturing) however, there are some Spirit Babies who are attached to only one parent or they aren’t attached to their biological parents at all after birth. Here are a few examples:

  • SB is attached to mother but is not necessarily attached to biological father because their mother’s next partner will raise them as their own child (this also applies to SB who are more attached to their biological father)
  • SB’s biological parents put the child up for adoption, which means their “contract” to bring this child into the world has been completed and now this child can be together with the “nurturing” parents that will raise them.
  • A couple has children then gets a divorce. Again, the birth contract has been fulfilled and this couple no longer needs to be together. This is why divorce is so important and you should not feel ashamed of getting a divorce. Sometimes your chapter with specific people closes and it’s ok to leave them in order to pursue the next part of your life. 
Can a miscarriage/abortion be my Spirit Baby?

Yes, absolutely! When a termination occurs (it does not matter if it’s a miscarriage or abortion), the baby returns to the Spirit Baby Realm. They usually take this time to revisit their life plan and make any necessary adjustments, and sometimes they return to their healing stage and work through their fears. It’s important for people who have experienced a miscarriage to know that it wasn’t your fault! Sometimes a Spirit Baby terminates a pregnancy on their end because they’re not ready to join the 3D world, or perhaps their physical body is ill/weak/not the gender they prefer. If you have experienced an abortion, it’s important to know that your Spirit Baby is not angry with you (although some may be a bit annoyed but it depends on the personality of the Spirit Baby and their past life connections to you). In both cases, your Spirit Baby will remain in the Spirit Baby Realm and they’ll wait for another opportunity to be born to you either in this life or in the next life. 

If I have a Spirit Baby does that mean I am destined to have that child in this life?

This depends on your contract. For the most part, yes you will reconnect during this life. However, it’s possible that this child is only here guiding you and they will be born in your next life. My advice is to trust your intuition and to ask your Spirit Baby if they will be born during this life. 

Can I dream about my Spirit Baby?

Yes absolutely! They usually prefer communicating through dreams.

What if I can't conceive?

My favourite quote from Jurassic Park is when Jeff Goldblum says “Life finds a way”. If your Spirit Baby has told you that they will be your child in this life, then you better believe they’ll find every way to be born. The biggest lesson when it comes to Spirit Babies is being open minded and expecting the unexpected. Just because you can’t conceive doesn’t mean there aren’t any other options for having children. You can go down the IVF route or surrogacy, and there’s also adoption and becoming a foster parent. Heck, this child might even come to you when they’re a young adult and they need a mentor/parental figure in their life and that might be you. Also, if you’re worried about not being able to conceive due to age, fertility issues or having a vasectomy, the Spirit Babies want you to know that those are obstacles they’re prepared to jump over and knock down so that they can come home to you.

Do Spirit Babies currently exist in physical 3D bodies while their Higher Selves work with their parents?

No, Spirit Babies only exist in their spirit forms. They are no longer Spirit Babies once they’ve been born and the information they possessed while a SB is locked away in their mind until they access it during life. 

Can my Spirit Baby be carried by my Twin Flame's karmic partner?

Yes! This can happen regardless of being Twin Flames too. Please see Does my Spirit Baby belong to me and someone else specifically for more information. 

How do you know if you have more than one Spirit Baby?

You can usually feel if you have multiple Spirit Babies. Each baby, even if they’re twins, will have their own energy and unique way of communicating with you. You can also ask your Spirit Babies to confirm if there is more than one child present. 

What are some signs that a Spirit Baby is present?  
  • Experiencing baby fever
  • Being told that you’ll be a great parent in the future
  • Babies constantly look at you
  • You see a child that resembles your Spirit Baby in some way
  • Giggling. Spirit Babies love to giggle, especially when they play mischievous pranks on their parents. 
  • Seeing a lot of baby related commercials/ads on TV and social media
  • Having a name suddenly pop into your head or you constantly see the same name and it sticks out to you(this can be your SB telling you their name)
  • You might feel the urge to buy something for your future children
What is the best way to start communicating with your Spirit Baby?

This depends on your spiritual abilities and what you feel comfortable doing. Here are some examples:

  • Use a pendulum and ask your Spirit Babies yes/no questions. Be as specific as possible and always ask them to show you which way means yes/no. (This is what I did when I first started communicating with my SB)
  • Meditation 
  • Use tarot/oracle cards
  • Connect with nature and pay attention to animals you constantly see
  • Ask them to show you a specific sign to answer your questions (for example, show me a dancing dog in a pink tutu if … is true)
  • Ask them to send you messages in dreams and make sure you record them in a dream journal
What are some basic questions to ask your Spirit Baby to get to know them? 

I suggest following your intuition when it comes to communicating and getting to know your SB. Show them that you care and they'll prompt you with questions to ask them. Here are some common questions to ask:

  • What's your name?
  • Have we meet before in a past life? If so, what was our relationship? (parent/child/family, friends/acquaintances)
  • Do you have any hobbies or interests you'd like to pursue during this life?
  • What pronoun do you want me to use when talking to you?
  • Do you prefer to be spoken to as an adult or child? 
Can a Spirit Baby’s appearance change?

Yes. Sometimes a Spirit Baby experiments with different appearances and genders before birth. They can also appear to you in visions/dreams as a newborn, toddler, teenager or adult, depending on where they’re at in their contract creation process, or if they have a specific message for you and need to use a specific appearance to get the message across.

Is it normal if I haven't seen my Spirit Baby in weeks?

Yes. Spirit Babies are busy healing from their past lives and they’re also preparing for their next life. They’re usually out looking for other souls to make soul contracts with or they might practice certain scenarios (gender, appearance, hobbies, etc) to help them decide what their life purpose is. Spirit Babies don’t usually spend every moment with their future parents unless you need guidance or call for them. It’s just like how Archangels and Spirit Guides aren’t with you at every moment, but they appear when you ask them for guidance. 

Are Spirit Babies similar to spirit guides?

Yes, I think they are since they both guide you. However, Spirit Babies tend to guide you towards their other parent and the circumstances that will lead to their conception/birth. Sometimes Spirit Babies can guide you in other aspects of life and they can step in when your Spirit Guide needs a break or if a new Spirit Guide is being introduced to you. This goes back to my earlier point that Spirit Babies, like Angels and Spirit Guides, aren’t necessarily with you at every moment but they come when they’re needed, so it’s possible to ask your SB for guidance instead of your Spirit Guide at times.

Recommended Spirit Baby books

I’ve only read Spirit Babies: How to Communicate with the Child You’re Meant to Have by Walter Makichen. The following books have been recommended to me and I plan on reading them one day:

  • Babies Are Cosmic: Signs of Their Secret Intelligence by Elizabeth Carman and Neil Carman
  • Cosmic Cradle: Spiritual Dimensions of Life Before Birth by Elizabeth Carman

If you have any other recommendations please let me know!