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Julie C. ~ NY, USA

Emily’s video reading was nothing short of incredible, as usual! I never expect anything less from her readings! I love how closely she works with her angels, guides, and babies as well as how effortlessly she connects with her client’s counterparts and spirit babies to bring through powerfully accurate messages and visions.  She is blessed with such a beautiful gift. Her readings always leave my heart feeling full and leave me feeling empowered and comforted!

Julia A. ~ Canada

Emily’s reading was just the thing I needed going into the new year. She was spot on with regards to things that have been going on in my personal life (and even just in my own head). You can tell she pours so much into these readings, I’m so happy she was recommended to me. The things she told me having given me a renewed sense of clarity, and have left me empowered looking at this year ahead.

Adhara V. ~ Mexico

This was a magical reading, when I opened the PDF I felt a lovely and peaceful energy. I can not confirm what Emily wrote regarding his energy because we are in separation at this moment  but everything she mentioned regarding my energy is right to the point. I feel lighter and grateful so if you can, go ahead and get a reading with her now!!! Stop thinking just do it!!!!

Judi B.~ NY, USA

Emily is a talented reader with a gift for presenting insights that are detailed and accurate. She was able to pick up on things that I felt but hadn’t necessarily thought through or acknowledged myself, and in doing so, offered me wonderful perspective to think differently about things going forward. I was (and am!) very impressed with her ability to present a comprehensive picture of the things I was most curious to understand and appreciated how she presented her impressions in her readings.

Carlie W.~ United Kingdom

Emily's reading was mind blowing and confirmed so much that I had picked up on myself. She really tapped into my DM's energy and I felt like she really knew him as well as I do. Emily is a beautiful soul and I will definitely be back for another reading in the future.

Fernanda A.~ Mexico

Hello from Mexico! Haha This reading is amazing, the kind and loving energy you feel reading all this, just makes your heart melt and smile like crazy! Can’t wait to experience all these amazing things and I want to thank Emily because the reading was so on point and arrived just when I needed (divine timing) thank you for using your amazing gifts and guiding all of us!

Sara~ CA, USA

I have done a couple of readings and I loved every single one. They are so accurate to what is going on in my life right now and so far, things have happened that was said in the readings. They are always so positive and kind and I love the readings!!!

Karishma K.~ NJ, USA

I ordered a Divine Masculine reading and I received the most beautiful reading from Emily! It all resonated and made me so hopeful for the future between my DM and I. Everything was so positive in the reading and she even picked up on his humor, which was just great. I can’t wait for the predictions to come to pass, especially since some of them verified my gut feeling ️❤️ I will certainly be back for more twin flame readings! 

Laura C.~ NY, USA

My reading with Emily was beyond anything I could have imagined. I ordered an advanced relationship reading and she was spot on with how I’ve been feeling and all the questions I have had. Emily is the best and it is amazing how she can know all this information without you giving any clues! If you’re not sure about something in your life and need some guidance, just try it. Trust me, you will not be disappointed! 

Dijana S.~ Netherlands

I’m so happy that I purchased a Divine Masculine reading with Emily. She is amazing, and confirmed everything I was feeling in that moment. It was beyond my expectations. The one thing that made this reading so special is, the warmth and uplifting energy you feel from Emily. She is very specific and detailed in her reading, and I love that. When I started reading, I could feel the love and good vibes that was put into that reading. It gave me such a big energy boost and I’m so grateful for the light Emily shared upon me. I can’t wait to purchase a SB reading with Emily. She’s pure magic and I can’t thank her enough for being so kind and caring.