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Meet the Team

Spirit Baby Specialist, Intuitive Tarot and Oracle Reader, Reiki Master, Crystal Expert

Hi! Welcome to The Oracle’s Light! My name is Emily and here’s a little bit about me. I have always been interested in the supernatural and my favourite shows growing up were Ghost Whisperer, Charmed and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I always felt drawn to tarot and psychics, but when I was a child I felt like I couldn’t explore it. It actually felt like the supernatural was a lit candle and baby Emily always thought she would get burned if she reached out and touched it. I guess that was the universe’s way of telling me that I wasn’t meant to explore that side of me yet. 

As I grew up, I noticed that my abilities started to manifest. I had always had strong "gut feelings" and intuition, and I unknowingly used this ability in my day to day life. Being Clairsentient (clear feeling/ gut feelings), I always knew when to avoid specific people or places. I remember avoiding my friend’s boyfriend because he gave off a dangerous vibe (in a bad way), or sometimes I’ll just know when to alter my route in order to avoid an accident or a dangerous situation. As a student, I saved my friend from a potentially horrible accident in the school stairwell. It was crowded at the time and my friend was about to trip down the stairs, but I caught her arm minutes before she twisted her ankle. If she had fallen, my friend and several other students would have been injured. 

I am also Clairvoyant (clear seeing) and Claircognizent (clear knowing), which allows me to receive messages from friends and Spirit while sleeping. Friends have referred to me as a "walking library" because of my vast knowledge and understanding of things I normally wouldn’t have knowledge of (I’d like to credit this to my past lives haha). I was also once told by a spiritualist that I was a "hub of information, meant to share [my] knowledge with others". I discovered I was a Twin Flame and mother to Spirit Babies in 2017 and I created this website the following year in hopes of sharing my knowledge and experiences with other spiritual beings on their journeys.


My Spirit Babies are very important to me and I wouldn’t have discovered my ability to speak with other spirit children if it weren’t for them. That’s why I’d like to introduce them to you below. 


The oldest of my children, Melody will be the 4th generation “first born daughter of the first born daughter” (Me, my mother, and my grandmother are all first borns and we’re all daughters. It feels like this may have some importance later in life, and it’s an interesting fact). Melody was the 3rd Spirit Baby I met, and she always stood out as being the only dark haired child (of course appearance can change once she’s born). When I was working towards romantic Twin Flame union, Melody wanted to go into fashion. However, now that I have chosen to be with Soulmate instead of my Twin Flame, Melody has decided to become an actor like her father (She wants to be a triple threat to be exact haha). Melody is such a little bugger because she always knew that Soulmate would be her father, so you can imagine how happy she is now that I’ve chosen to stay with Soulmate. 

This little bugger is so mischievous. He was the last Spirit Baby I met, but boy does he have a strong personality! Austin is actually Soulmate’s child, which means that Soulmate was always meant to be his father even if he and I didn’t reach romantic union. Austin is such a little bugger because he inserted himself into many of my visions of myself, Soulmate and baby Melody. I remember I once had a vision of the three of us when Melody suddenly put her head on my belly and said “mommy, baby!” and I laughed saying “no, no. There’s no baby in mommy”, but when I looked down I noticed I was 8 months pregnant. There was another time when I had a vision of Mel and I tickling each other and a toddler version of Austin popped into the vision and started getting tickled. Austin also refused to tell me his name when I first asked. He went about it in a secretive way and I finally discovered his name a few days later at a restaurant when a boy said his little brother’s name was Austin. 

Oh Vanessa. This one’s got some attitude to her but I love it. Vanessa was the 6th Spirit Baby I met and she also belongs to Soulmate. I met her back when I was working towards romantic union with my Twin Flame and I will never forget the first thing she said to me. Melody was actually the one who introduced us, and I remember waking up one night because Melody was standing in front of me holding hands with another dark haired spirit baby. The spirit baby (Vanessa)  introduced herself and said “YOU’RE NOT MY MOM! You have to help dad find my mom” (at this point I was going to have Mel with Soulmate and then we were going to go our separate ways. So Vanessa wanted me to help Soulmate find his next partner so that she could be born). When I chose to stay with Soulmate, I thought of Vanessa and wondered if she was connected to Soulmate or his other prospective partner, and a few days later she shyly came up to me and whispered “Emily… can you be my mommy?”. She felt bad for yelling at me but I don’t blame her for her actions. After all, we were both confused by the changes/signs from the universe. Vanessa recently told me she wants to go into fitness/personal training, as well as practice kickboxing. 
Eric is famous among my Spirit Babies since he was the first SB I met. For a long time I thought he was going to be the oldest, but he definitely has middle child vibes. He’s actually a twin and he’s going to be the 4th child born. I don’t know much about Eric and that worries me since he’s such a prankster. Growing up I always said I wanted twin boys that were similar to Fred and George Weasley from Harry Potter and well… be careful what you wish for haha. Eric is part of the original 5 kids I was meant to have (him, Sebastian, Melody, Fae, Finn) and he introduced me to his siblings. 
Seb is the 5th child and twin brother to Eric. For such a long time I thought Seb was a troublemaker since he constantly triggered me. He and Eric actually switched places halfway through my awakening and it was difficult learning how to communicate with him since he’s very different compared to Eric. Seb initially spent a lot of time with my Twin Flame back when I first met both of them, but he’s ok with having Soulmate as his father. The twins are quiet these days since they’re both working on tweaking their life paths and soul contracts now that they have a new father. Originally Seb and Eric wanted to create their own band but I’m not sure if they’re keeping that in their lives. Seb would have played drums and Eric would have been the vocalist/guitarist. 

The twin sister to Finn, Fae is my 6th child. I wasn’t able to speak to Fae and Finn for months when I first learned about Spirit Babies, and now she’s pulling pranks on me along with Eric and Seb haha. Fae is named after the faeries, and she has a similar temperament to them. At first she said she wanted to be a ballerina but she’s recently changed her mind. She won’t be born for a long time so she’s going to relax for now and figure out her soul purpose in another 10 years or so. 

Finn is my original baby boy (I’ve been calling Austin baby boy since he refused to tell me his name for so long). Fae is his twin sister and out off all of my children Finn is the one who took the news that I had chosen Soulmate over my Twin Flame the hardest. My Twin is a pilot and Finn always wanted to take after him, so needless to say he was VERY angry when I told him Twin Flame wasn’t going to be his father. I told him I would still support his dreams of becoming a pilot, which calmed him down. I also said there was a possibility that Twin Flame would be his godparent and that made him really happy. Finn is named in honour of the mermaids (Finn=fin), but I don’t think he’s going to be a fan of swimming haha. I love how both he and Fae have names starting with “F”, and I love that they’re named in honour of two spiritual figures that are very special to me.