Frequently Asked Questions

Are you creating a Spirit Baby deck?
Yes, I’m currently working with an artist to create my Spirit Baby Oracle deck! I hope to have it completed by the end of 2020 or early 2021. Please follow @theoracleslight on Instagram for updates and sneak peaks of the cards.

How long do I have to wait before receiving my reading? 
I work in tandem with Divine Timing to deliver your messages when you truly need to receive them. Just to reiterate, you will receive your reading when you *need* to hear the messages, not when you *want* to hear them. If you feel guided to email me asking about your reading, chances are you were already scheduled to receive it in the next few days. Please note: if you purchased your reading during a sale, wait times will be longer. There is only one of me and I need to take care of my energy so I can continue offering these services.

Why are readings so expensive?
Readings take a lot of time and energy, so I have to charge accordingly. My readings are always in depth and very insightful, and I also channel the essence of the person you’re inquiring about (soulmate, twin flame, spirit baby, angels, spirit guides, etc). I also offer readings at different price points, so please feel free to explore my website.

What currency are your prices in?
All prices are in Canadian dollars (CAD).

How will I receive my reading? 
At the moment I only offer written readings. Once your reading is complete, I will email you a PDF of your reading which also includes photos of your cards.

Will you start selling video readings?
Yes, I hope to offer them soon! Keep checking back or follow @theoracleslight on Instagram for updates.

Will you start a YouTube channel?
Yes! I've recently created a YouTube channel and I'm slowly posting videos.

Can I hire you to read for parties / teach tarot workshops?
I plan on offering this service in 2020. I will make an announcement soon! 

What are Spirit Babies?
For all Spirit Baby inquiries, please refer to my Spirit Babies FAQ page 

What is a Twin Flame?
A Twin Flame is the other half of your soul. They are your perfect match; the Yin to your Yang. They are your opposite and yet, they're the missing piece your soul has been searching for. You will feel comfortable and at home in your Twin’s presence, and you may feel as if you’ve known each other your whole lives. A Twin Flame usually enters your life when your spiritual abilities are ready to awaken and when you're ready to work alongside the universe on your soul mission. Many readers talk about Twin Flame Union, and in simple terms it refers to reuniting with your Twin during this lifetime. Some unions may be romantic, others may be platonic, and for a select few they will not reach union during this lifetime. The type of union you and your Twin will have depends on the soul contract you made before you were born, and please note that only you know which union is in your future. Please know that contrary to belief, not all Twin Flames must reach romantic union. My own Twin Flame and I will have a platonic union (friendship).

What is a Soulmate?
Soulmate is an umbrella term since there are many types of “soulmates”. Essentially they are people who come into your life at specific times so that you can fulfill your contract to learn a lesson together or share an experience. Soulmates can be anyone such as your romantic partner, your family, your pets, the stranger you smiled at last week, the old lady you gave up your seat for, etc. I personally believe there are different levels of soulmates (romantic, friends, strangers) and their importance in your life differs depending on your soul contracts. Some soulmates will teach you a hard lesson while others will be your companions and support system. Hard lessons can vary from being cheated on, being yelled at by a stranger while at work, being treated like dirt by a loved one, the list goes on and on. 

How did you meet your Twin Flame?
Please refer to my blog post here

How did you meet your Soulmate?
Blog post coming soon

Why did you choose your Soulmate instead of your Twin Flame?
Blog post coming soon