Book Me For Your Party!

Looking to book me for your party? Please send me an email answering the following questions. Rates will be discussed once I have received your answers.

What type of event is this?
(Baby shower, birthday, family get-together, friend get-together, etc)
What is the date of your event?
What time does your event start?
What time would you like me to start reading?
(I will be there 10 minutes early to set up)
How many guests will I be working with? 
(Minimum 2 hours regardless of number of guests, maximum 4 hours)
Are you an individual hosting a party or a business booking for an event?
Are you able to provide a quiet, private space for me to work?
What type of venue is your event taking place? 
Private residence, bar/restaurant, other (please specify)
Is your event taking place within the city of Toronto?
What is the closest major intersection?
If we agree to work together, are you able to provide a 50% deposit prior to your event? 
The remaining balance must be paid at the end of the booking. 

*Deposits are non-refundable. If you need to cancel please inform me 48 hours prior to our arranged date.