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Spirit Baby Set
Spirit Baby Set

Spirit Baby Set

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This set includes:

  • Sage Doll
  • Spirit Baby Crystal Set
  • Aqua Aura Quartz Necklace
  • Cookie Keychain*
  • Spirit Baby Stickers*

*Indicates new product

The Spirit Baby Crystal set is the perfect tool to help you communicate with your Spirit Baby! The Spirit Babies have chosen these specific crystals due to their loving and childlike vibration, and their inviting nature helps the Spirit Babies find and reconnect with their parents/guardians/family/friends from this lifetime. You can carry the set with you during the day, keep it under your pillow to increase communicative dreams, or you can hold these crystals while meditating and connecting with your Spirit Baby. Included with purchase is a special Spirit Baby postcard. 

The crystals included in the set are:

Aqua Aura Quartz- The Spirit Babies say this stone is the “key” to connecting to the Spirit Baby Realm. This stone helps connect to and communicate with other realms. 

Peacock Ore- The Spirit Babies love this stone! Peacock Ore brings out your playfulness and it invites the Spirit Babies to be playful and mischievous with you. 

Amethyst- This stone enhances intuition and psychic gifts, and aids in dream recollection. An excellent stone for meditation, and when placed under your pillow it enhances intuitive dreams and 5D communication.

Tiger’s Eye- This stone is very grounding and enhances psychic abilities. It aids in collecting scattered information (Spirit Babies enjoy speaking in riddles and signs) and making it a coherent whole. It also heals the reproductive organs.

Rose Quartz- This stone of unconditional love magnifies your love for your Spirit Baby and acts as a beacon guiding them home. Rose Quartz is also said to increase fertility. 

This crystal set was created by Emily and the Spirit Babies. Please note that crystals vary in size, shape and colour.

*Please note that Emily cleanses all crystals with a Tibetan singing bowl before packaging them for shipping

Please note: All items are final sale. The Oracle's Light is unable to accept returns and does not issue refunds.