Spirit Baby Tarot
Spirit Baby Tarot
Spirit Baby Tarot
Spirit Baby Tarot
Spirit Baby Tarot

Spirit Baby Tarot

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Spirit Baby Tarot is here!! Exclusive to The Oracle's Light !

Spirit Baby Tarot is the first tarot deck created for Spirit Baby communication. It was important to both Emily and the Spirit Babies to create an original, authentic and inclusive deck, which is exactly what Spirit Baby Tarot is. 

Spirit Baby Tarot is racially diverse, queer friendly, and it's a great beginner tarot deck. 

Spirit Baby Tarot features:

  • 80 cards
  • original artwork
  • a guidebook 
  • a custom box
  • a handmade tarot bag (please choose your tarot bag in the drop down option)

I am also offering 45 minute zoom tarot lessons for anyone interested in learning techniques to help communicate with their Spirit Baby, and for tarot beginners. If interested in a lesson, please click here

*I recommend booking your lesson at least 3 days after receiving your deck. During those 3 days, connect with your deck, look at the cards, and try communicating with your Spirit Baby.

Watch the unboxing of Spirit Baby Tarot here.

Please note: All items are final sale. The Oracle's Light is unable to accept returns and does not issue refunds.


Special thanks to Sam Schembri, the amazing artist who helped bring this deck to life! 

Sam Schembri is a queer artist and an alum of Emily Carr University of Art & Design. She is primarily a printmaker, painter, photographer, collage artist, and now experimenting with digital artmaking. 

All media explorations are informed by the previous, bringing sculptural aspects into her paintings, drawings into photography, painting onto printing, abstraction into figuration, and bridging the gaps between different artistic realms. A continuous recurrence in her art is her sensibility towards color and how she utilizes its effects on the human emotion.

For more information on Sam's work, visit their website samschembri.com