Divine Feminine Energy Reading

Divine Feminine Energy Reading

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This reading is designed to provide insight for the Divine Feminine's energy during the Twin Flame Journey. This reading can also provide guidance to assist Divine Feminines in decision making. Divine Masculines can use this reading to gain insight into their Feminine's worries, struggles, lessons and more. 

The Process:

Emily will intuitively communicate with your Spirit Guides while pulling your cards. She will then email you a PDF of your reading with an image of the cards and her interpretation based on her conversation with your Spirit Guides, and the traditional tarot meanings. *If you have a specific question, or are inquiring about your Divine Feminine, please include their name for a more accurate reading and please include your question in the notes section at the checkout*

*DisclaimerThe Oracle's Light does not confirm Twin Flame connections. You come into the reading with a belief in this connection on your own. The Oracle's Light will never try to disprove your belief in this connection.

*I work alongside Divine Timing and keep my intuitive channel open to receiving messages when it's the right time for you. I don't rush the process because I want to give you the most accurate message from your guides.Thank you for your patience.

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