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Twin Flame or Boy Crazy?

I had never heard the term Twin Flame until a few months after meeting my own. I didn’t even know he was my Twin Flame until almost a year after meeting him. Let’s start at the beginning…

A few years ago, a month after graduating from university, I started working a 9-5, Monday-Friday office job (not in my field I might add) and I was miserable. I was also still working my part-time retail job at the time, and I was extremely stressed out. At first I thought this office job would be the answer to my prayers since it provided a stable income and hours, and I really wanted to focus on my health at the time. Well, I forgot the fact that I would be the only young and single female working in a female dominated work environment (they were all married with kids), so what do you think happened? They tried to set me up with any young man working in the office *eye roll*. I really didn’t want to pursue a relationship at this time but my colleagues kept pushing me and I finally gave in just to shut them up.

Cue my Twin. After a month or so at my new job, I was given a task that no one wanted and this led me to meeting my Twin. Let me set the scene for you… a colleague called me over to introduce us (yes, the same colleague that kept trying to set me up with men my age) and I was so out of it mentally, probably because I was tired from working two jobs, but when I saw him standing there… well it looked like I was looking at an Angel minus the wings. This sounds super cheesy as I write this but hear me out. It looked like his skin was made of a beautiful golden white light, and I wasn’t able to see the features of his face clearly, but the moment I saw him I knew he was going to be an important person in my life and I knew we’d be in each other’s lives for a long time. Did I mention that I didn’t even know his name at this time? And here I am thinking that we’d play an important role in each other’s lives haha. 

As in every boy meets girl story, my Twin and I started to get to know each other. This was challenging though since we only saw each other for 2 minutes a day, and somethings I wouldn’t see him for weeks because of our different departments and conflicting schedules. A few months went by and my colleagues kept telling me to ask him out so I finally did one day. I prepared for this moment for a while and even then I only asked him out to shut everyone up (I’m sorry Twin! I really did like you though!). I even remember asking myself “do I want to ask him out? Am I ready to date him?” and my intuition whispered “not yet”. I wasn’t in tune with myself at that time so I didn’t listen to my intuition but the “not yet” makes a lot of sense now.

I decided to ask him out for coffee on a Friday since I figured I could go home and wallow in self pity that weekend if he said no haha. However, me asking him out went smoothly and I even got his number! I was really shocked at myself for asking him out (I was really shy back then and totally unaware of when guys liked me haha) and I was also incredibly proud of myself. Up until this point, my love life was pretty hit or miss and I was seriously thinking of tossing love aside. Obviously the universe had other plans in store for me, but it would have been nice if they included me in these conversations haha. 

You might be thinking that we went out and lived happily ever after, and to this I say “did you forget that this is a Twin Flame story?” haha. We didn’t end up going out for personal reasons and I remember thinking “thank god”, which was a huge sign that I needed to work on myself before jumping into a relationship. Still, I was angry that he “led me on” (he didn’t, I just misread the situation) and I avoided him for a while. I didn’t mean to alienate him, but prior to asking him out I made time for him and after asking him out I became busy with work and had to prioritize my time. You might think I was being childish, but I didn’t have anything to say to him and I always felt like he never tried to have a conversation with me and that I made all the effort, so I decided to focus on me and forget about romance for a while. 

This is when the dreams started. Up until this point I was never really clairvoyant and never this “boy crazy” either, but I kept having dreams of the two of us. Sometimes the dreams were past life memories and I would see his face when I looked at my husband from that life, and at other times it felt like a joint dream where we could both interact with each other as our current selves. I legitimately thought I was going crazy, or worse, I thought I was obsessing over a guy who didn’t want me. I was confused, terrified, and embarrassed, so I made sure to keep my distance. Looking back, I wonder how he felt at this time… This was also when I met my first Spirit Baby Eric, but I’ll tell you that story another day. It was during this “crazy period” of mine that I first heard the term Twin Flames. It was all over my Instagram and one of my friends kept saying we were Twin Flames and I remember thinking “no we aren’t” but I never dug deeper to see why I felt like that. 

A few months after these weird dreams started, I made it a priority to live my best life and I started focusing more on my spirituality and gifts. I even booked a reading with a psychic who unknowingly helped me realize that I was at a crossroads in my life and she kind of hinted that my Twin would be important to me (all she said was she saw an important guy in my life and his face was the only one that popped into my mind). I didn’t want to think about him (I didn’t want to feed my “obsession”) so I filed it in the back of mind and I kept focusing on myself and my health. I even started noticing other guys and I was flirting with them… so of course the universe decided to course correct me at this time. And how did it do that you may ask? Well the universe prompted my colleagues to talk about my Twin a lot, or they would purposefully leave us alone together. My favourite is when that main colleague (the one who tried to set us up) observed my interaction with my Twin, and after he left she turned to me and said “it’s like you’re in a secret relationship”.... Um what? I laughed and said “well, no one told me!” and walked away. Maybe he was flirting with me back then but I honestly don’t remember. What freaks me out is that she was kind of right… I mean being a Twin Flame feels like being in a secret relationship and neither party is aware of it. 

This experience with the psychic and the course correction was probably around March/February. I didn’t find out that we were Twin Flames until September of that year, approximately a year or so after meeting him. You should have seen my face when I discovered we were Twin Flames. I had just quit my office job and I no longer had any reason to see him (but we did finally exchange Instagram info haha), and I was also about to fly to Korea for a two week vacation. I was so annoyed at myself for not realizing it sooner, but I know that everything happens for a reason. At least I now knew I wasn’t crazy. Those weird dreams continued for a while longer and I was even able to see his higher self while in Korea because of the time difference. He even helped me with my anxiety while I was away and I’m very grateful for that. 

You’re probably wondering “what happened next? Are you in union? Did you finally go on that date?”. Unfortunately I don’t have those answers at this time. A lot has happened since discovering we’re Twin Flames, and sometimes we talk, but our main priorities are ourselves. We have nothing to worry about since our spirit children are guiding us back together in divine timing, so we’re enjoying this time apart and we’re evolving into the best versions of ourselves.